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Sash Window Restoration
Georgian Sashcraft Georgian Sashcraft
Providence Bungalow,
Frome Road,
Telephone: 01761 438768
Mobile: 07974 407046
A reputable company with 15 years' experience in repairs, restoration and replacement of traditional windows and doors: Sash window specialist, purpose made joinery, high performance draft proofing, secondary double glazing, traditional co...

Sash Window Restoration

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Sash Windows:
Painting and Draught-Proofing

David Wrightson

A well-painted window...

On the right, a well-painted window, showing reasonable overpainting of the glass. On the left, a similar example, but here the painter did not understand the difference between the frame and the sash: there is an arbitrary line across the top of the muntins (which are in the same plane as the other outer linings). He has also not returned the frame colour round the lining returns, which has resulted in a slightly insubstantial appearance.

The sliding sash window has been with us for over three centuries and the operating principle has remained almost unchanged throughout that time. Some of the components, such as the staff bead and the parting bead can still be bought off the shelf.Sash window companies in Chippenham who specialise in Sash Windows from the Chippenham   and Calne area are trained to carry out these skills.

Sash windows are made in such a way that they can be easily dismantled for repair or for replacing broken sash cords. Many people fail to realise this when they encounter problems and think that the only sensible option is replacement - in some cases, with plastic ones - which is simply not the case. Some timber windows have lasted for centuries because they have been properly maintained and painted regularly. Plastic windows (PVCu) by comparison, cannot be dismantled and repaired so easily, and the components cannot be made by any competent joiner. They have not been tested by time and there are already signs of failure. Plastic windows, which usually come with double glazed scaled units are generally only guaranteed for ten years and are expensive to replace if they fail. Furthermore, they are constructed in such a way that they cannot reproduce the mouldings and details characteristic of traditional timber windows. They are, almost without a single exception, completely unsuitable for use in any historic context.

The problems most likely to be encountered with traditional timber sashes are sticking, failure of joints, failure of putty, wet rot, rattling, and draughts. The first four of these are the result of poor maintenance and the lack of a good protective coat of paint.Please consult with your sash window companies from Chippenham for advice..

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