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Fancy Dress


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Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress Chippenham

Fancy Dress Chippenham
A Fancy Dress theme for a party is a great ice breaker - it's also great fun to hold a masked ball, where you can't tell who is who. For an adult party i.e. a Stag night, Hen night, Birthday party, Anniversary celebration, New Year's Eve party, Engagement Party, Graduation party, Leaving School party, a Home Warming party or exam results party, there are endless ideas.  Going for a specific dressing-up or Fancy Dress theme? How about Rockstars, Filmstars, a 1980's, 60's, 40's or 1970's theme, you'll be limited only by your imagination.  Once the theme's been decided upon, you'll need to find a Fancy Dress shop or Costume Hire shop - Chippenham Business Web lists Fancy Dress shops and suppliers in and around the Chippenham area.  Check out the Chippenham Business Web Fancy Dress Chippenham listings and make light work of sourcing your Fancy Dress costume.

Fancy Dress Chippenham
Chippenham Business Web lists local Costumiers, Fancy Dress and Costume Hire suppliers in it's Fancy Dress Chippenham category, such as AbFab Costume Hire (Absolutely Fabulous) who'll ensure you have the perfect Fancy Dress outfit.  Both adult and children's Fancy Dress costumes are supplied.

Fancy Dress Chippenham
if you've actually made your own Fancy Dress costume, you may need accessories - what about a wig?  Maybe some costume jewellery,make-up, shoes, face painting paints, boots, hosiery, contact lenses, glasses, masks, balloons, packet costumes, hats, eyelashes or instant kits?  Want a costume that's been custom made and fitted to your specifications?  Have friends and family who also need to choose and collect costumes in readiness?  You could book an out of office hours appointment giving you all individual attention.

Fancy Dress Chippenham
Halloween : Skeletons, Ghosts, Ghouls, Devils, Monsters, Zombies.  Christmas : Santa, his elves, Santa's little helpers, a Fairy, a bauble, a Christmas Tree. Superhero's : Batman, Superman, Spiderman, a member of the Fantastic Four, the Incredibles.  Step out of a Jane Austin novel, the Victorian or Edwardian era, how about a Caveman or Cavewoman? Go for a movie star look : Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, or perhaps Elvis Presley?  You'll find literally hundreds of ideas to choose from by contacting a Chippenham Fancy Dress supplier listed in the Fancy Dress Chippenham category.  Have fun.

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